228 – Methods and ethics in qualitative research exploring young children’s voice: A systematic review

Yihan Sun, Monash University, Australia (
Claire Blewitt, Monash University, Australia (
Susan Edwards, Australian Catholic University, Australia (
Alexandra Fraser, Our Place – Colman Education Foundation, Australia (
Shannon Newman, Our Place – Colman Education Foundation, Australia (
Julia Cornelius, Our Place – Colman Education Foundation, Australia (
Helen Skouteris, Monash University, Australia (

301 – Description of three implementation models of a dual-language program

Catrine Demers, University of Alberta, Canada (
Natalie Gordon, University of Alberta, Canada (
Wendy Amoako, University of Alberta, Canada (
Sauyma Kapoor,University of Alberta, Canada(
Andrea A.N. MacLeod, University of Alberta, Canada (

298 – From ‘I like talking to my Mammy’ to ‘I don’t talk at school’: Understanding the lives of children with speech sound disorders using mixed methods

Clare Carroll, University of Galway, Ireland (
Rena Lyons, University of Galway, Ireland (
Mary Larkin, University of Galway, Ireland (
Mary-Pat O’Malley, University of Galway, Ireland (

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