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Early Childhood Voices Conference 2022

The Early Childhood Voices Conference 2022 (ECV2022) is a multidisciplinary international conference providing a platform to share research about innovative methods, theories and partnerships with children, families and practitioners that supports social justice during early childhood and within the early childhood sector. ECV2022 was organised by the Charles Sturt University Early Childhood Interdisciplinary Research Group as an opportunity to present research in a virtual online space.

Researchers and post-graduate students were invited to submit abstracts to share their work on innovations to improve the lives of children, families and practitioners during early childhood (generally birth-8 years) and within the early childhood sector. Papers employing qualitative and/or quantitative methods, reviews (e.g., scoping and systematic reviews) and scholarly theoretical papers were welcomed. All abstracts were peer reviewed by the ECV2022 Scientific Committee and authors of accepted abstracts submitted online presentations.

ECV2022 is online and asynchronous. There is no registration fee and no fees to present or view the presentations due to Charles Sturt University’s motto “For the public good”. The conference was held from 5th to 9th December 2022. Presentations will remain online via YouTube. The presentations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License to indicate that adaptations or commercial use of the presentations are not allowed.

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Keynote Speakers

1. Young children’s learning by observing and pitching in

Professor Barbara Rogoff
University of California Santa Cruz, USA

Christina Siry
2. Resource-rich perspectives on children’s embodied engagement in science inquiry

Professor Christina Siry
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Bernhardt and Stemberger pic
3. Research in diverse linguistic and cultural contexts

Emeritus Professor Barbara May Bernhardt and Emeritus Professor Joe Stemberger,
University of British Columbia, Canada

Chontel's image
4. Valuing Indigenous peoples and their health and wellbeing in early childcare services

Dr Chontel Gibson

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5. Learning from and with children through drawing

Professor Linda J. Harrison
Macquarie University, Australia

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6. Innovations in early childhood: Understanding and responding to children’s needs through effective assessment

A/ Professor Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett
University of Wollongong, Australia

Yarning Circles

These virtual gatherings via Zoom were facilitated by conference organisers (5-9 December 2022) to provide an opportunity for participants to expand on their experiences of the presentations relating to each conference theme. One of the aims was for participants to collaborate and hopefully begin new research journeys, or to continue and grow existing collaborations.  


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  • All
  • Children’s voices
  • Communication
  • Families’ voices
  • Indigenous voices
  • Innovation
  • Keynotes
  • Leadership
  • Presentations
  • Professionals’ voices
  • Rural communities
  • Wellbeing
  • Workforce

227 – “Half the teacher I once was”: Ohio early childhood educators describe their mental well-being during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

Amy Wolfe, Ohio University, USA (amy.wolfe@ohio.edu) Tiffany Rowland, University of Toledo, USA (tiffany.rowland@rockets.utoledo.edu) Jennifer Blackburn, Blooming View Montessori Academy, USA

228 – Methods and ethics in qualitative research exploring young children’s voice: A systematic review

Yihan Sun, Monash University, Australia (yihan.sun@monash.edu) Claire Blewitt, Monash University, Australia (claire.blewitt@monash.edu) Susan Edwards, Australian Catholic University, Australia (Suzy.edwards@acu.edu.au) Alexandra Fraser, Our Place – Colman ...

229 – Evolution of swallowing and feeding abilities of neonates with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy during hospitalisation: A case series

Roxanne Malan, University of Pretoria, South Africa (malanroxanne@gmail.com) Jeannie van der Linde, University of Pretoria, South Africa (jeannie.vanderlinde@up.ac.za) Alta Kritzinger, University of Pretoria, South Africa ...

230 – WITHDRAWN – Assessment for playful learning in science

Cristina Guarrella, The University of Melbourne, Australia (cguarrella@unimelb.edu.au) Caroline Cohrssen, University of New England, Australia (ccohrsse@une.edu.au) Jan van Driel, The University of Melbourne, Australia (j.vandriel@unimelb.edu.au)

231 – Social and emotional impacts of home learning for children during the COVID-19 pandemic: What the literature is telling us

Katrina Gersbach, Charles Sturt University, Australia (kgersbach@csu.edu.au)

232 – Voices and narratives of children in Brussels neighbourhoods

Kaat Verhaeghe, Centre of Expertise Urban Coaching and Education, Brussels, Belgium (Kaatmartine.verhaeghe@ehb.be) Geert De Raedemaeker, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Brussels, Belgium ...

233 – My nature rights: A child rights-based participatory study exploring young children’s views of the natural world

Muireann Ranta, South East Technological University, Ireland (muireann.ranta@setu.ie)

234 – Efficacy of a self-directed video-based caregiver-implemented language program

Xin Qi, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China (cynthiaq@connect.hku.hk) Winnie W. H. Ng, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China (ngwingheen@gmail.com) Gigi ...

235 – Language profiles of children with speech sound disorder with and without cleft palate

Stephanie van Eeden, Newcastle University, United Kingdom (s.van-eeden2@newcastle.ac.uk) Helen Stringer, Newcastle University, United Kingdom (helen.stringer@newcastle.ac.uk) Cristina McKean, Newcastle University, United Kingdom (cristina.mckean@newcastle.ac.uk)

236 – Understanding bilingual children’s functional communication

Leslie E. Kokotek, University of Cincinnati, USA (stokelle@ucmail.uc.edu) Karla N. Washington, University of Toronto, ON, Canada (karla.washington@utoronto.ca)

238 – Participation in community activities for children with complex communication needs

Caitlin Slaney, Charles Sturt University, Australia (cslaney@csu.edu.au) Judith Crockett, Charles Sturt University, Australia (jcrockett@csu.edu.au) Catherine Easton, Charles Sturt University, Australia(ceaston@csu.edu.au)

239 – How do infants socialise in groups in long day care centres?

Belinda Friezer, Charles Sturt University, Australia (bfriezer@bigpond.com) Linda Harrison, Macquarie University, Australia (linda.j.harrison@mq.edu.au) Sheena Elwick, Charles Sturt University, Australia (selwick@csu.edu.au)

240 – Inquiry-based project learning an approach to foster wellbeing and a culture of collaborative learning

Sarah Probine, Manukau Institute of Technology, Aotearoa (Sarah.Probine@manukau.ac.nz) Jo Perry, Manukau Institute of Technology, Aotearoa (jo.perry@manukau.ac.nz) Yo Heta-Lensen, Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa (yo.heta-lensen@aut.ac.nz) Rachael ...

243 – Understanding scientific literacy through play-based settings in the early years: A critical review

Goutam Roy, Charles Sturt University, Australia (groy@csu.edu.au) Lena Danaia, Charles Sturt University, Australia (ldanaia@csu.edu.au) Shukla Sikder, Charles Sturt University, Australia (ssikder@csu.edu.au)

244 – Preliminary investigation of the role of hot and cool executive function skills in developmental stuttering

Hatun Zengin Bolatkale, California State University Fresno, USA (hatun@csufresno.edu) Burcu Akcay, Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey (brc.akcayy@gmail.com) Merve Aksoy, Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey (m.merveaksoy@outlook.com) Esra Kaymis, ...

245 – Maternal overcontrol and young children’s internalising problems in China: The roles of social competence and teacher-child conflict

Juanjuan Sun, Shanghai Normal University, China (sjj0256@163.com) Yan Li, Shanghai Normal University, China (liyan@shnu.edu.cn)

246 – COVID-19 affects parent-child relationships and preschoolers’ social adaptation in China

Wanjuan Weng, Shanghai Normal University, China (1000442418@smail.shnu.edu.cn) Xiaoyun Li, Shanghai Normal University, China (1000510512@smail.shnu.edu.cn) Shumin Wang, Shanghai Normal University, China (1000529027@smail.shnu.edu.cn) Yan Li, Shanghai Normal ...

248 – Promoting cognitive development through easy, error-tolerant playful learning

Nelli Khachatryan, European University of Armenia, Armenia (nellykhach@gmail.com)

249 – COVID-19 parental distress and problematic media use of preschool children in China: A moderated serial mediation model

Juan Li, Shanghai Normal University, China (1000513598@smail.shnu.edu.cn) Yuanyuan Zhai, Shanghai Normal University, China (1050782286@qq.com) Yanan Zhao, Shanghai Normal University, China (283023340@qq.com) Li Ye, Shanghai Normal ...

250 – Language development patterns of toddlers and activities supporting communication and language skills: The experience of Indigami Child Development Centre

Nelli Khachatryan, European University of Armenia; Indigami Child Development Centre, Armenia (nellykhach@gmail.com) Madonna Dubskaya, Indigami Child Development Centre, Armenia (amiclub.yerevan@gmail.com)

251 – Art to Heart: Using art groups to heal and create relationships between early childhood educators and children who have experienced trauma

Shiri Hergass, Art2Heart Academy, Sydney (shiri.hergass@gmail.com)

252 – Parental phubbing and child social-emotional adjustment: A meta-analysis

Jinghui Zhang, Shanghai Normal University, China (z_jingyan@163.com) Yan Li, Shanghai Normal University, China (liyan@shnu.edu.cn) Chuanmei Dong, Macquarie University, Australia (chuanmei.dong@mq.edu.au) Yue Jiang, Shanghai Normal University, ...

253 – Childcare centres in urban areas of Bangladesh: A case study

Arifa Rahman, Green University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh(arifa.gucetl@green.edu.bd)

254 – WITHDRAWN – Reliability and validity of the Social-Emotional Assessment/Evaluation Measure (18–36) with Chinese toddlers

Dingwen Huang, Shanghai Normal University, China (1000497850@smail.shnu.edu.cn) Tingting Yang, Hong Kou West Street Kindergarten, China (824554329@qq.com) Xiaoyan Bian, Shanghai Maternal and Child Health Centre, China ...

257 – The influence of drama in education on 5-year-old children’s emotional intelligence

Lina Zhang, Shanghai Normal University, China (nana80@163.com) Zhuoyuan Cui, Shanghai Children’s Library, China (cuizhuoyuansh@126.com ) Nianyang Wu, Shanghai Normal University, China (wunianyang@163.com )

258 – How can we support bilingual children with speech, language, and communication needs?

Elaine Ashton, Newcastle University, UK (elaine.ashton@ncl.ac.uk) Christine Jack, Newcastle University, UK (christine.jack@ncl.ac.uk) Carolyn Letts, Newcastle University, UK (carolyn.letts@ncl.ac.uk) Sean Pert, The University of Manchester, UK ...

259 – Macro- and micro-structure of story-retelling of children aged 3–6 years

Shasha Li, Shanghai Normal University, China (lishasha@shnu.edu.cn)

260 – Phonological development in a Kurdish-speaking child: A longitudinal study

Shahla Fatemi-Syadar, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Shahla.fatemi@yahoo.com) Talieh Zarifian, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Iran (t.zarifian@yahoo.com, ta.zarifian@uswr.ac.ir)

261 – Intentional bilingualism in exogenous action: Learning from a child

Elena Babatsouli, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA (elena.babatsouli@louisiana.edu)

262 – Children’s acquisition of Setswana (Setlhaping and Sekwena) phonology

Olebeng Mahura, Charles Sturt University, Australia (omahura@csu.edu.ac.za ) Michelle Pascoe, University of Cape Town, South Africa (michelle.pascoe@uct.ac.za ) Heather Brookes, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (heatherbrookes@sun.ac.za ...

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The work of the Early Childhood Research Group supports SDGs 3, 4, 8, 10 (and others). Each presentation was aligned with relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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