Early Childhood Voices Conference 2020

“Welcome to our conference” from 4-year-old Frankie
Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference welcome message by Dr Tamara Cumming and Prof Sharynne McLeod

The Early Childhood Voices Conference (ECV2020) multidisciplinary international conference provides a platform to share research about innovative methods, theories and partnerships with children, families and practitioners that supports social justice during early childhood or within the early childhood sector.

ECV2020 is organised by the Charles Sturt University Early Childhood Research Group, and is an opportunity to present research in a virtual online space. 2020 has been a challenging year, and COVID-19 has altered the way in which we do many things, including research. Many conferences have been cancelled or postponed. ECV2020 provides researchers with the opportunity to present work that they been unable to present in other forums, research that they have been working on during the year, and/or work that responds to challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invited researchers and post-graduate students to submit abstracts to share their work on innovations to improve the lives of children, families and practitioners during early childhood (generally birth-8 years) or within the early childhood sector. Papers employing qualitative and/or quantitative methods, reviews (e.g., scoping and systematic reviews) and scholarly theoretical papers were welcomed. All abstracts have undergone peer review by the ECV2020 Scientific Committee and authors of accepted abstracts will submit online presentations.

ECV2020 will be held entirely online and asynchronously. There is no registration fee and no fees to present or view the presentations. The conference will be held from 16th to 20th November 2020. Presentations will be pre-recorded, and will remain online.

More details: https://earlychildhoodresearch.csu.domains/early-childhood-voices-conference-2020/


Registration is closed. More details here: https://earlychildhoodresearch.csu.domains/early-childhood-voices-conference-2020/

Important Dates

Abstract submission closes: Monday 14th September 2020 – CLOSED
Abstract submission outcome: Wednesday 30th September 2020 – CLOSED
Pre-recorded presentations due: Friday 30th October 2020 – CLOSED
Online conference: Monday 16th to Friday 20th November 2020 – CLOSED

Most papers will remain online on the conference website after the conference is closed. More details: https://earlychildhoodresearch.csu.domains/early-childhood-voices-conference-2020/

Papers were aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

ECV2020 in the News

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Photo credit: iStock.com/FatCamera